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Google Code Jam 2005

Hello !

Well it was about 17:45 in the evening and the beautiful black screen was in front of me. Yes after spending about 9.0000.. tedious hours in front of Visual Studio 2003 and at times 2005 in office I was entering the arena of Google Code Jam 2005 :). Well it took me about 20 mins to solve the 250 marks problem and about 10 mins to debug it 😦 . Any ways I solved 1 problem successfully and tried to solve the 750 marks problem but I was dead tired and sleepy so I could not completely comprehend it. Any ways I posted the some what ambiguos code and got lots of marks and stood 20th in the room [amazingly]. Well after wards the 2nd problem failed in the System test :). Anyways nice experience again this year and this completed my 14th On-Spot Official Speed Programming Competition other than TopCoder one’s. Well once again I showed to my self that I am not as tanned as I was expecting after working in pathetic atmospheres. Well Google is the only Company that rules after Microsoft ;).


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