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Ontology Based Knowledge Extraction !

Hello !

Well Ontology Based Knowledge Extraction was our research work that we conducted in our BS Senior Year Porject. Though the research ended no where and as usual we dont have enough help at that time . Now days I was critically reviewing our work and I found that we really did a fine job. If I work on it now, I can end that in some 4G search engine. The idea was basically inspired by Semantic Web or Weaving the Web in some logical and contexual way. We wrote the client of WordNet utility in C# and also some small modules to indulge some Artificial Intelligence in information retrieval. I can really provide a lot of resource material and links for this. We had 2 books that we had from internet some how. I am really enthusiastic about it once again :). Well lets see what happen on it, I will surely send my work to MSN Search to have some nice comments 🙂 .



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