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Functional Programming – F#

Hello !

When I started programming I thought it was very much related to numbers and mathematics. But as my knowledge increased I felt there is some thing missing in “Imperative” Programming Languages. Then came the time when I heard about Lisp and Haskell and even Scheme and tried them. And the idea of a true mathematical programming language becomes clear to me. Yes – Functional Programming Languages! The minimum execution unit in them is a function and rules are pure mathematical. During my quest I came to know about F# – again a research language by Microsoft. F# is a Meta Language – a variant of OCaml. The beauty of language is that it is designed to be an “ML that fits with MS.NET”. So all of you having interest in functional programming must visit and try a research version compiler of F# from http://research.microsoft.com/projects/ilx/fsharp-about.aspx.


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