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Yups! The XAML is running against all Odds :)..


Just downloaded the Windows SDK (Microsoft Windows Software Development Kit for the November 2005 WinFX Runtime Components Community Technology Preview (CTP)) for Windows XP and Server 2003 and not for Windows Vista which I was extremely waiting for to run XAML & Avalon apps (still Avalon apps didn’t run and compiled XAML is also not running). Well it was a DVD img file about 1 G.B which costed me a lot of time and disk space to convert to ISO files but it didn't run. Thanks to Brad Abrams that his blogs solved my problem. I mounted that img file to my hard and then ran the SDK and it ran fine. But when I tried to run the XAMLPad.exe it gave me an error that An Un-Handled Exception “System.IO.FileNotFoundException” has occurred in XAMLPad.exe. Though (XamlPad_Saved.xaml) existed. So I then installed the WinFX run time components and finally finally the XAMLPad ran successfully. It's the 3 rd time I have tried the whole process and installed Visual C# 2005 Express Edn on my machine. Eeach time the Win SDK has a conflict with beta of Win SDK for .NET 2.0 or 2.0.50215.4 or runt time components missing. So now I have successfully ran the XAML rendering app.

Well desperately waiting for Visual Studio 2005 (still using express 😦 ), SQL Sever 2005( not using), Team Foundation Server(not using), Avalon(beta), Indigo(beta) , XAML (un-compiled) and what ever is getting my way of approaching Microsoft technology.

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