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Blasphemy, protests and we !

February 15, 2006 1 comment

Well worst 2 days in recent history of Lahore and Peshawar have just ended. The great and highly calibered sons of Islamic Republic of Pakistan have peacefully and elegantly protested against the Blasphemy of Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) (on account of disgraceful and unacceptable cartoons published in some European countries).

Well it was like several hundreds of bikes burnt, many cars damaged severely and then burnt, many places tried to be looted and some banks looted even, dozens and dozens of people and police men injured, 2 of people died in fire shot by a bank guard (Metropolitan Bank near my office) and very rightly so (though they should have been attacked at foot or alarmed before), many restaurants like KFC, McDonalds were set to fire. Now what a way to protest by followers of greatest religion, they call themselves muslims? huh. Yes they were not Indians, nor they were agents from Mosad or neither they were Afghani Talibans. They were Pakistani “Muslims” protesting against the Blasphemy of one of greatest person and benefactor of humanity according to Islamic Beliefs. I with my own eyes saw Mob setting bikes to fire, but whose bikes?? There were many old bikes that were burnt, bikes and goodies that belonged to poor, things that belonged to average class. Salaried people here in Pakistani take a life time to buy a bike even. Now here Police/Rangers/Army must have shooted all these instantly or at-least implemented strict actions to disintegrate these idiots, but they did nothing. We were in a building near American Consellate and whole police was trying to protect that Building. Yes police did nothing. People looted Panorama (a local shopping center), they damaged PIA’s offices, they damaged Telenor’s outlets. Now what Telenor, KFC has to do with religion and cartoons? The Mob was all managed and divided in small groups some armed with guns some with sticks some with stones. Now this shows to all of world what we muslims are? Have we fully implemented religion? Is Pakistan a proper Islamic state? No, not at all. When we need religion for our benefits we use religion. So why this much violence against our own people, poor people innocent people. These strikes have shown world nothing but ours real value – that is illiteracy, violence( terrorism), greed and nonsense emotionalism. All protest and agitation could have been done in with peace, but alas so much damage, disturbance, violence, pathetic and illogical all. Well my beloved city Lahore whom I like so much have been so brutally treated by these Nincompoops, that its unbelievable, mad insane. Even today some illogical students at PU caused trouble in peace and have caused death of an innocent employee. This is what happen, innocent pays the price for these terrorists. These students should also have been treated seriously. But what can be done? Ahh nothing. Even today some people have damaged many buildings. The same has happened in Peshawar. 2 people have also died in Peshawar with Daewoo’s bus destroyed, KFC burned, pathetic, pathetic and pathetic.

I hope this all ends up. Those countries who have committed this must apologize publically, but we as a nation must understand that this pretence is not gonna give us and World any thing. This is not the proper way to protest at all.


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