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Microsoft vs. Others and sentiments !

Salutations, to whom it may concern 😉

I have been working in IBM WebShpere, IBM Db2 Content Manager and IBM MQ Work Flows. And after using and sensing them for some time now, I can clearly say that Microsoft is really on top of all other Software Companies, after now done with IBM , SUN, and Linux..either it be an operating system, or development IDE, or a programming language or a super GUI, my maximum points goes to Microsoft. There are so many problems in using IBM Tools while development, there are so super stupid issues of interfaces, logics, referential integrity constraints, and extremely poor management in IBM tools. I have worked in J2SE some 3 years ago, and will probably do now again, when I may work in JSP's I have the same feeling about it, its just not even touching 'C' Family. Any ways I hope I 'learn' while working with IBM stuff. (I miss u Microsoft :()

Oh after being techie, just got a bit sentimental the other day on seeing a man aged abt 65-70 dragging goods of people, and when he saw me watching him, tears broke down in his eyes and in my heart. He told me he has been doing this for 45 years now, and silently asked me with his jestures what good are you all being with all your so called degrees, education, skills, knowledge – to hell with them ! and I was thinking about what good are we ?? and What does really matter? What Enlightened Moderated people are trying to do any thing for him or people like him? Every luxury, success and thing sounds shit and nothing when I saw such cases and nothing matters I think…

P.S: I hate luck, why cannnot talent and skill do it all? [I just saw another great misshap in real life with some one really awsomely talented !]

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  1. Mudassir
    April 3, 2006 at 12:49 pm

    No harm intended friend,,,,,,,,,,but you are not in a position to comment on s/ware companies rank, and you have too weak arguments for that, I believe. Whether it is OS, IDE’s, GUI’s, compilers,,,,these are not the only things in software world ,,also there are much more powerful competitors of MS around. If it is tough to use IBM’s S/ware, it doesn’t mean it is meaner than MS. You only need to know what market it is targeting and what are the objectives. You are using it,,,perhaps this is enough to prove it superiority..:)

    Also luck is just an intuitive term,,,there is nothing like this in this world. It is just matter of choices. What you are repenting at, is bad choices,,,,,,but you cannot undo it as it is all about cause and effect my love,,:)

  2. Haroon Saeed
    April 4, 2006 at 5:59 am

    Muddassir , I guess you are not in a position to even comment on even me, because you have never “worked” properly in “Java” and “IBM” and to some extent i guess in .NET. By just screaming Google is best hehe is nothing, the company which has not been able to launch any of it’s beta to a product, the company which cannot even face 1 legal case againts it and retreated (China), the compnay which is biased that talent is only in US and in US graduates, the company that dont even know what they are doing and what they are going to do and how even, cannot just rule out the “Champions” yet. The newly “married” compnay is in some good nik only against a Giant which has been on top for last 30 years (yeah stop mentioning me Forbes or Times referneces of 2005, just see Frobes for 1985-2000), one can go on reading ROTOR and he/she can implement/learn/read every thing that a CS Major ever comes across in his life. And what do u think of MSDN? is there any end of learning in it? haha
    grow big boy grow big and come out of movie dialogues stuff with me…choice, as there is no free will so there is no choice.

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