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Plugged in – Want to be Reloaded !

I have always wished to be chosen for some Hi-Fi extremely technical and difficult out of the box work. Though I may not possess skills of highest level but still I believe in me in doing any thing. Even when I have not done a bit of programming I was interested in Artificial Intelligence due to the Movie The Matrix released in 1999. It was so awesome to see on screen the Sci-Fi Computational ideas, The Philosophical Dialogues, The Mythological Sequences, the Kung Fu in American Style, The Bullet Time scenes etc..

What I have been deeply concerned was the idea of logical evolution of Computers or in broader sense, the Machines. The idea that the world, and every thing like air, water and sky are results of computer programs by machines is fascinating in itself. And I started thinking on same lines for so many years to come. Reverse Engineering, DataPaths, Hacking and some other clichés of Computer Science are frequently used. Loading and Plugging of modules, the Glyphs and all the drama make this movie a best. The idea i.e. Computer Programs are out put of other programs and they are real time items are extremely innovative.

The need for explaining this idea is to express a bit, a part of my thoughts, about what I may wanna do in my future computing life! I have a graduate degree, a software engineering job but this all is just not enough, this is nothing or a single bit. Unless I use my mind to fullest in this world and give a life’s best shot to some great idea and implement it successfully, I feel unsatisfied, unaccomplished and incomplete. This thinking, this urge this fury has never let me to sit idle doing some silly work or satisfy with something hackneyed or what every one has done. It’s now becoming clear to me that unless I am here in this pathetic Interface and Database design and some stupid software engineering job field. This is gonna lead me to nothing, but a typical managerial position after some years of extreme dirty , useless work and writing those lines of code which may have very low probability of being used for some intelligent purpose,. I am not gonna make it this way, I know. Fed up with the routine work, fed up with the common tasks and every night thinking another day of life waisted in doing some thing pretty ordinary. So now time is drawing closer to make a choice, but what choice? Some one please help in this regard 😦 i really need to be Plugged in – Reloaded in some great work.

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