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Google Code Jam India 2006 !

Once again the serene and different Black Screen of TopCoder’s Competition arena was in front of me. Yes I was coding in the Qualification round of Google Code Jam India 2006. It was about 11.30 P.M after another tiring day. I had no compiler installed on my home PC, no IDE, no .NET and no Java. I solved the first problem in Note Pad and then finally started coding in the editor of the competition arena. I have forgotten all the Java syntax and conventions and was still coding in it. Got so many mistakes in syntax and finally coded the 1000 points problem in about 17 minutes. Its was so easy, but I had so many typo and language mistakes in it. Any how it was completed and submitted for above 600 marks. Then I started to code the 250 marks problem, a bit trickier but coded it again without any thing in about 20 minutes and successfully submitted it. Mean while my younger brother was sitting besides me asking me his issues about his Computer Studies paper, so my intentions were partly diverted with tiredness and guiding my bro.. Today when I saw the System Test results I found my both problems has a typo mistake of copy paste and both failed on 1 Test Case each. Google Jam

India has rated me above 1000 till now, a bad one considering how easy were problems and they could have been solved successfully in less than 20 minutes out of 60 minutes. Many other guys from my office tried it and some got 1 right solution or both failed in test cases. But any way once again a nice time pass and good activity to prove ourselves that still we are no that ‘rusted’. Google is really cool in this stuff of arranging such programming competitions from some past years in collaboration with TopCoder with manifold intentions. I hope these experiences turn out to be something good for me other than a pleasant time pass to fulfill the so called self-satisfaction! 

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  1. H
    April 18, 2006 at 6:02 pm

    second one was not that easy

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