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FAST-NU Sports Gala and Techlogix !

FAST-NU which is a premier Computer Science University in Pakistan has this privelege of organizing mega IT and Sports events. This year also they have organized a sports gala for all Software Houses and Telecomm Sector places of Lahore. It was actually good time and fun to be there. Though I reached there quite late from office, but Techlogix has already sarted the winning streak by having won their table tennis matches. Usman Qadri from Techlogix is a superb player of Tabble tennis and Badminton. He has won his matches of tabble tennis, badminton quite easily. Cricket team of Techlogix has also won it's first match with Mentor Graphics very easily. So it has been a happening night at FAST-NU Lahore cmapus, met quite old friends from university and college. Enjoyed to some extent. On our way back suddenly it started raining in torrents, yeah it was too much of rain, we were in car of Osman Sarood and decided to have some refreshment, but when we left for our homes, and Osman was reversing his car, suddenly it hit a Truck , a bang and immediately the hind screen of car broke with a loud sound. Osman hit his car with truck , he missed it because it was too much of water on back screen due to heavy rain. Very bad, I felt so sorry for him, it was his new Santro, it costed him the wind screen and a lot of denting and painting work.

So in this way this very happening night ended and we safely reached home. Today even we have our matches. Let's see what happen, but one thing is for sure, we will have some real fun.


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