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Programming is Important for CS-Majors !

One of the most common miss conceptions for CS-Majors is that they can avoid Computer Programming and still remain successful in field of Computer Science. Many so called IT Professionals and hence so called successful guys claim that programming is tough, boring and a programmer’s/developer work is just tough laboring work and pays you nothing. But for me and the real guys in Computer Science, it’s all about computer programming and in broader sense problems solving with a good command on algorithms. Every time I successfully compile and execute my program it gives me an intrinsic feeling of accomplishment(worth more than any thing else). There are many CS graduates who have changed their line for the simple reason that they could not find job or they could not find enough money if they find a job or simple they are not capable enough, so they curse Computer Science and Programming. But the point is, in the first instance it’s their own fault, and secondly its fault of local industry, Computer Science has nothing to do with it. But if you are a CS-Major and you think you can avoid algorithms and programming then you are living in a fool’s paradise and you will get nothing in the longer run unless you get some non-technical easy degree like MBA and start making money by only what you speak or pretend, and don’t know any thing about inside out. I have seen many guys joining MBA and then thinking we will get a 50K+ at-least a month in start :). MBA is a cool course and I think it is necessary for people who want to manage things either you are a doctor/engineer/scientist/educationalist, but how come you can manage a Software’s Creation or a Hospital, if you have never created one or managed. Or how can you manage some industry when you have never worked in that industry. So in my view those getting CS/Engineering majors and then shifting to MBA without any experience will end up dumbing any project or product for sure. Specially like the MBA graduates(a few exceptions) we see in society whose sole aim is to lie to sell products, to deceive others, and to make use of others work and then thinking we are making good money and are successful have only an illusion of success. So CS majors, remember computer programming is every thing in Computer Science most of the times and at other times it’s not computer science.

I wrote this post a some time ago, and then I read this great article of Joel.

P.S: No hard feelings for MBA's, you just have to be more logical 😉



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  1. Mian Fahim ul Haq
    June 20, 2006 at 8:35 pm

    Very Well Said Haroon.
    MBA is not bad. Marketing is not bad. But to think that you can make good softwares using your MBA skill instead of programming/algo is wrong. MBA skills should be used to market a good software (provided you have skills to make a good software first of all! :P).

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