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Great books for Programming Courses !

I just came across this book "Computer Systems: A Programmer's Perspective". I had my Introduction to Programming course back in Spring 2001, and this book has reminded of those wonderful days :). What a splendid book. A must read for any one who has joined any Computer Science major course and a good reference book for all the programmers, instead it contains most of the things every programmer should know. Written by CMU Professor's, it's one of the coolest book to come across. This is the best book to start after a simple programming course, that can teach you a Computer System along with how programming is done successfully on it.

Another good book taught in MIT for those taking Introduction to Programming course is "Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs". It is an introduction to Computer Programming book taught in MIT and it take's LISP as it's default language. One of the de-facto standard text on the subject (I wish all Universities raise the standard of programming courses to this book's level). The tag on my blogs "Dedicated to the spirit that dwells in Computer Programs" is also a modification of some text in this book. I hope one enjoy reading these 2 great books.


  1. July 28, 2006 at 1:23 pm

    i m doing engineering in computer science and dont know how to download gre book pleas help me

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