Managed C++ – C++/CLI

I am working on an interesting image processing and recognition project here in my office and it is a very wonderful work experience. Out of many things I have learnt, the most valuable thing is experience with Managed C++ (C++ for CLI). I have to write some core functionality classes and wrapper dll’s on calling Viisage SDK’s APIs which are written in native C++. To include these header files along with source code I had no other choice than to choose Visual C++.NET. In start I faced a lot of problems in dealing with managed and unmanaged code, conversion of native types to MS.NET types and vice versa and other issues of native C++. With time, extensive effort and lot of search now I am at ease with doing any thing in Managed C++ that I can do in C#. I will be writing some most valuable APIs that were no less than a blessing for me used in conversion of native to managed, managed to unmanaged code and other issues of handling .NET things in C++ the C++ way.

P.S: Having power of native C++ and Microsoft.NET in same language is beautiful.

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