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Mathematical Genius ‘Grigori Perelman’ wins Fields Medal

I just read that Mathematical Genius “Grigori Perelman” has shunned off the “Fields Medal” – an equivalent of Nobel Prize for Mathematics offered to him in August 2006. He claims to have solved one of seven, Millennium Prize Problems, known as Poincaré Conjecture. His claim has been severely scrutinized by a panel of extra ordinary mathematicians which includes Sir Andrew Wiles who solved the famous and toughest problem in mathematical history, “Fermats Last Theorem” and became famous world wide. Now this shows what a real humble and great human Grigori is, no charm for fame and publicity. The problem has been nominated by Clay Institute Mathematics as one of toughest problem of millennium to be solved. Grigory is a brilliant and most extra ordinary mathematician of Russia having great works in Geometric Topology and Reimannian Geometry. I am not an expert on topology or the subjects related but I have read about them and they are literally too tough, and having them solved is by far a great, great achievement. I hope I am able to reach such heights in Computer Science, one day 🙂.

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