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Anousheh Ansari calls Googleplex!

September 26, 2006 Leave a comment

Anousheh Ansari, first female space tourist is now in contact with Google’s Larry Page 😉 mentioned at Google’s Blog. Wow, what an adventurous ride she is having from earth to ISS (Internationl Space Station). This is called as one outstanding, extra-ordinary experience in one’s life but you have to pay the price (U.S $ 20 Million). But still this experience is worth more than the price. Have a look of her experience at her flickr photos and read details of her life time experience at her space blogs.


President Pervez Musharraf’s Book – In The Line of Fire

September 26, 2006 45 comments

So President of Pakistan, General Pervez Musharraf’s book has been launched in markets on 25th of September, and I got the chance to read the details on 26th. “In The Line of Fire“, This is an autobiography book, mainly revolving around Musharraf vs. Former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharrif, Kargil War 1999, War on Terrorism after 9/11 so Mulla Umar and Osman Bin Ladin are also discussed. Though I have not seen the book, but it’s a highly anticipated book for me as I am much interested in chronology of history. As expected, criticism has started, and I expected some illogical and hypothetical comments from Biggest Secular state of World, and so has happened ;). I cannot comment according to my rationale, on this book until I have my hands on the book and read costly 368 pages :).

Difference between two strings – Levenshtein Algorithm

September 22, 2006 4 comments

So now after a long time, I am going to write about an algorithm which I recently read, and found it very useful.

This algorithm is about, how different two strings are, and how many minimum operations are required to convert smaller string in length to larger (if their lengths are different). If the two string are of equal length then the number of charcaters that differ in two strings is the difference of strings. For example, in ‘computer’ and ‘computes’ the difference is 1 and in ‘test’ and ‘goat’ the difference is 3. Such distance is called as Hamming distance or edit distance simply put.

However if the strings are different in length then we use Levenshtein Algorithm or edit distance. Which works as follows.

For the two strings s1(cat) and s2(cots) of lengths m(3) and n(4), make an array of n*m and fill the each cell in 0th row with it’s corresponding column number and each cell in 0th column with it’s corresponding row number so our array ‘D’ will look like,

0 1 2 3





After this we compute a value in ‘temp’ which is 0 if s1[i] = s1[j] and 1 otherwise. And then find the minimum of D[i-1][j] + 1, D[i][j-1] +1 and D[i-1][j-1] + cost and assign it to D[i][j], where ‘i’ and ‘j’ are indeces while we compute. When we fill this array the last value in D[n][m] will give you the minimum number of moves required to convert str1(smaller) into str2(larger).

Here D[i-1][j] + 1, tell us if it is selected that we have to insert value in str1, if we select D[i][j-1] + 1 then we have to delete from str2 and if D[i-1][j-1] + cost is selected then we have to substitue in str1.

This is an interesting algorithm to try and then code, and is useful to find closest matches for a string and then can be used in many applications.

Bullah Ki Janna – I know not who I am

September 13, 2006 52 comments


Bulla Ki Janna, a kafi written by Sufi Saint Bulleh Shah (1680 to 1758), from Kasur, (now in Pakistan), is a great aesthetic, spiritual and metaphysical composition.
This is a great, inspirational kafi which has always indulged a divine thought in me. I have always looked for it’s good translation and tried to translate it, but could not do it better. Recently I found it and I am pasting it after a bit of pruning.

Bulla ki jaana main kaun
[Bulla! I know not who I am]
Bulla ki jaana main kaun
[Bulla! I know not who I am]
Na main moman vich maseetan
[Nor am I the believer in mosque]
Na main vich kufar dian reetan
[Nor am I in the rituals of the infidel]
Na main pakan vich paleetan
[Nor am I the pure in the impure]
Na main andar bed kitaban
[Nor am I inherent in the Vedas]
Na main rehnda phaang sharaban
[Nor am I present in intoxicants]
Na main rehnda mast kharaban
[Nor am I lost nor the corrupt]
Na main shadi na ghamnaki
[Nor am I union nor grief]
Na main vich paleetan pakeen
[Nor am I intrinsic in the pure/impure]
Na main aaabi na main khaki
[Nor am I of the water nor of the land]
Na main aatish na main paun
[Nor am I fire nor air]
Bulla ki jaana main kaun
[Bulla! I know not what I am]
Na main arabi na lahori
[Nor am I Arabic nor from Lahore]
Na main hindi shehar Nagaori
[Nor am I the Indian City of Nagaur]
Na hindu na turk pashauri
[Nor a Hindu nor a Peshawri turk]
Na main bhet mazhab de paya
[Nor did I create the difference of faith]
Na main aadam hawwa jaya
[Nor did I create adam-eve]
Na koi apna naam dharaya
[Nor did I name myself]
Avval aakhar aap nu jana
[Beginning or end I know just the self]
Na koi dooja hor pacchana
[Do not acknowledge duality]
Mai ton na koi hor syana
[There’s none wiser than I]
Bulle shah kharha hai kaun
[Who is this Bulla Shah]
Bulla ki jaana main kaun
[Bulla! I know not who I am]
Bulla ki jaana main kaun
[Bulla! I know not who I am]
Na main moosa na pharoah
[Nor am I Moses nor Pharoah]
Na main aatish na main paun
[Nor am I fire nor wind]
Na main rahnda vich Nadaun
[I do not stay in Nadaun (city of innocents)]
Bulle shah kharha hai kaun
[Bullashah, who is this man standing?]
Bulla ki jaana main kaun
[Bulla! I know not who I am]
Bulla ki jaana main kaun
[Bulla! I know not who I am]

Croc Hunter – Steve Irwin Died !

September 5, 2006 3 comments

Well all those who watch Discovery, National Geographic and Animal Planet must be familiar with Steve Irwin. The most unfearful and brave Steve Irwin died while filming when a Stingray’s barb puctured his heart. He died instantly.

Steve, was a great environmentalist, a great wildlife hunter and the one who protected most of the animals, as was his mission of life. I have seen many a programs of him at Discovery, and I was amazed at his bravery when ever he appeared in front of anywild animal like crocodiles, snakes, anacondas, sharks and many other deadly animals. Unfortunately he died while filming and that too by a relatively lesser dangerous Stingray, which normally dont attack humans, but it was unfortunate Steve who died by a Stingray.

Following are some of his great pictures.




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