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A year gone – 8th October – The Persistance Day !

So 8th October came once again, but this time it was some thing really special. Yes, one year of the worst ever natural disaster (Earth Quake in Pakistan, specially in Northern Areas and Independent Kashmir of magnitude 7.6 at Richter scale) completed. Well this was one sadest and most terrible and horrible incident in Pakistan’s history. This day is also memorable to me also in that, it showed to world that this third world country, this country with lesser literacy rates, this nation with all the frauds and problems have a really, really big heart. This day we all witnessed that we can also work for our fellow country men without any reward (except some black sheep). As this day bring tears from heart and eyes, it fills us with joy that we will be together ever in any calamity. All I pray is that all the sufferings of effected are gone, and they get back to proper prosperous life by all the means possible. Long Live Pakistan!

  1. omerash..
    October 12, 2006 at 11:29 am

    ooo bhains !!!!!… itneeee bohat sareee blogs… tu yeah kaisey kerleta hai ?????


    btw, Assalam O Alikum 🙂

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