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Anything Possible !

So I am back after a long break 🙂

Anything Possible! – its the motto of Parker Hannifin, the new client of our company. Well I have been included in this exciting yet tougher project in relatively old technology(COM, ATL, MFC etc.). This project has seriously shown me why MFC is not a big success(though I knew it academically) and why MS.NET is better than COM/DCOM. The domain of the project is HMI – Human Machine Inteface/Interaction. Imagine 0.6 millions lines of existing source code, extensive COM and ATL interfaces and classes, and 30 minutes compilation time, aint I having good time and fun doing this project? I will soon write about new learning and any discoveries(if any) relating this project. But for now I am still thinking how a personal never told thought (Anything Possible) can be motto of a billion dollar company, but again you know any thing is possible :). Another good thing about the project is it gave me company of my old batch mate and great friend Rana Hammad Hussain :).


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