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Pakistan out of Cricket World Cup 2007 !

March 18, 2007 5 comments

Today is a worst day of Pakistan Cricket History. This world cup came after 4 years and Pakistanis are out in 2 games, lol. Pakistan is defeated by Ireland in the Pool Match, and hence are virtually out of the World Cup 2007, as eventually they will be  lower to Ireland on points table even if they win against Zimbabwe in their last pool match.

Ireland which is a newer team and most of the players in their team have not played more than 15/20 matches has outplayed Pakistan. They batted, bowled and fielded extremely well. The sole responsibility of loss goes to batsmen specially likes of Inzamam-Ul-Haq, M. Yousuf etc.. who have played more than 250 matches each and don’t even know how to play a moving ball or how to play against a lesser experienced bowling and don’t know where field placing is. Any ways as Pakistani team is out of World Cup 2007, there will be slightly lesser interest in World Cup of our nation and hence lesser time and energy of ours will be waisted. But in all a very very poor display of Pakistani team specially loss to Ireland, so all credits and luck to Irish team :). It sounded as today was day of comparatively weaker teams as Bangladesh outclassed India in another pool match.

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March 13, 2007 2 comments

Mumkin hay tu jisko samajhta hay baharan
oron kee nigahon main woh mosam ho hizan ka!

Hay Sil-Sila ahwal ka har lehza dagargoon
ay salik rah fikar na kar sood o zyan ka!

Shayed keah zameen hay yeah kissi aur jahan ki
tu jisko samajhta hay falak apnay jahan ka!

——— By: Dr. Allama Mohammd Iqbal

now this is awesome!

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