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Just Another Programming Puzzle (Finding one non repeating element in list of pairs)

March 12, 2008 15 comments

So here is a programming question once again,

Consider a list of unsorted positive numbers in which each number has a pair except one of the number, the problem is to find that number in minimum complexity with O(1) extra space. The complexity in this case should not be more than O(n).

For instance, in the list {5,7,4,9,5,7,4} the answer should be 9. I will post my solution in the comments some time later.


The Great Pakistanis !

March 11, 2008 24 comments

The Great Pakistanis.

So here I go, out of patriotism :), I have decided to write names of great Pakistanis(of all fields, that I know) and their achievements/life history. Despite of many millions of problems Pakistan is an extra-ordinary place. From Sky high mountains to deep down Oceans, from -50 C degree to +50 C Degrees, from illiteracy to Nobel prize and from nowhere to going Nuclear, it all sounds amazing…

The main reason of doing so is to commemorate them and also many people of Pakistan don’t even know names of many of great people from Pakistan, especially scientists and writers, so I want all to know about them also. This list will continue growing over time.

So to start from, here is the initial list,

1. The Quaid-e-Azam, Muhammad Ali Jinnah – Politics, Law, Statesman ship, Father of Nation

2. Allama Muhammad Iqbal – Poet, Thinker [Tough he died before Pakistan]

3. Liaqat Ali Khan – Politics, Movement of Pakistan

4. Prof. Dr. Abdus Salam – Physics, Nobel Prize in physics

5. Prof. Dr. Salimuzzaman Siddiqui – Chemistry

6. Prof. Dr. Rafi Muhammad Chaudhry – Physics

7. Allama Mashriqi (Inayatullah Khan) – Mathematics, Movement of Pakistan, Khaksar Tehreek

8. Abdul Sattar Edhi – Social Welfare

9. Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Poetry, writing, philosophy

10. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto – Poltics, Former Prime Minister and President of Pakistan

11. Ahmed Shah Pitras Bokhari – Humorous Writing, Literature

12. Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan – Metallurgist, Father of Nuclear Program for Pakistan

13. Sir. Zafar Ullah Khan – Law, International Relations etc..

14. Shoaib Mansoor – Television Programming/Filming

15. Sadquain – Art, Calligraphy, Painting

16. Imran Khan – Cricket, Social Work

17. Jehangir khan – Squash

18. Jan Sher Khan – Squash

19. Noor Jahan – Singing

20. Mumtaz Mufti – Literature, Fiction, Sufism

21. Bano Qudsia – Literature, Fiction, Sufism

22. Prof. Dr. Atta Ur Rehman – Chemistry, Higher Education

23. Wasim Akram – Cricket

24. Ibn-e-Insha – Urdu Literature

25. Javed Miandad – Cricket

26. Ashfaq Ahmed – Literature

27. Shaqiue-Ur-Rehman – Humorous Ficiton

28. Gul Jee – Painter

29. Obaidullah Baid – Scholar, Novelist

30. Jameeluddin Aali – Scholar, Poet, Writer

31. Mohammad Taqi Usmani – Islamic Scholar, Shariah Law

32. Hakeem Mohammad Saeed – Medicine, Tib, Hikmat

33. Agha Hassan Abidi – Banking

34. Allama Rasheed Turabi – Islamic Scholar, Philosophy

35. Mohammad Rafi Usmani – Islamic Scholar, Grand Mufti of Pakistan

36. Javed Ahmed Ghamdi – Scholar, Philosopher, Educationist

37. Samiullah Khan – Field Hockey

38. Sohail Abbas – Field Hockey

39. Waqar Younis – Cricket

Right now I am finsihing the list here, but keep me informed by your comments about all those great whom I am missing here.


P.S: This post is free of religion, genderism, provincialism, and any kind of biasedness. So let me know of any names and comments only if they are not biased in any regard.