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Suicide Bomb Blast in Lahore

Right now it’s 2.00 A.M in the night and I am sitting calmly and safely in my home. But I am continuously thinking about those who have just lost their lives and are wounded in a bomb blast in Lahore. Yes on this eve of Independance day of Pakistan, the great city Lahore was struck with terrorism. This time it(suicide bomb attack) was near my home, in one of the most famous market of Lahore in Allama Iqbal Town – The Moon Market (Dubai Chawk). It happened around 11.10 P.M and I was in a local market near by. Many people heard the blast. It was planned for the main police station of Allama Iqbal Town in Dubai Chawk. There was a main mosque near by, the main police station, the technical board of education, the polytechnic institute, the moon market, dozens of restaurants, and hundreds of stalls of eatables and shops. The moon market is a symbol of life and ecstasy in Iqbal Town, it’s light lit, people filled, but now it’s all dark there, all very grim and dark!

So far seven (7) people have been confirmed dead, and more than twenty (20) injured out of whom, 2 are criticial. I am feeling very very sad and sorry for the ones effected, by alas I and we couldn’t do much for them. No words can suffice the pain they had/have to bear, but…

I am still wondering, it’s one of the most major area of Iqbal Town, and I have been there waiting for buses and wagons hundreds of time as it is a major bus stop also. I have been to the market many times. There is a flower seller near by, and now his stall was all filled with blood, there is an ice seller his stall is also blood stained, ahh… I can’t write any more..

I don’t know what might be the future of suicide bombing, but just imagine what kind of people have died, policemen, beggars, ice sellars, hawakers, locals passing by..all innocent, simple, poor and great common people. This always happens. Come on suicide attackers, these people are innocent, they have done no wrong, they are common Pakistani and they may be in more trouble and misery than you…why are you doing this, why?

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