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Pakistanis did it – Chief Justice restored

In an unprecedented historic development the deposed Chief Justice of Pakistan – Mr. Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary and other deposed Senior Judges have been restored by Prime Minister of Pakistan Syed Yousuf Raza Gillani. This was announced in a nation wide TV telecast on morning of March 16th, 2009 , apparently a historic day and beginning.

It took two years of extreme, painful and long struggle of the great and brave Lawyers of Pakistan and their leaders and I salute to their struggle. Lawyers and their leaders Mr. Aitezaz Ahsan, Mr. Ali Ahmad Kud, Mr. Munir A. Malik, Mr. Tariq, Mr. Athar Shams and all other rocks, I would say that this is the only historic moment and movement of our times in Pakistan that has glorified our history to the real extent. In end it was Political Parties like PML-N (Sharif brothers and their workers and other leaders), Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf (Imran Khan), Jamat-e-Islami(Qazi Hussain Ahmed, Liaqat Baloch) and some other small parties, who really brought masses on roads especially. Hats off to them (Y). Also a salute to brave officers who did their duty and some courageous who even didn’t obey orders and went with masses.

The Long march’s last day on which Lahoris have to show their vigor and vibrancy and had to move decisively, it’s again proved that Zinda Dilan Lahore can do any thing. I have at-least seen nothing like this. The bravery of masses and leaders and the strength of crowd was amazing, all the time it sounded in my mind that this is historic, this is historic and it should win! I once read in a history book that Lahore decides the decisive fate of movements, yesterday we saw this with our eyes that this is so true. Hundreds and thousands came on roads for a cause and in end we can say that WE DID IT!!

I know some would have many conspiracy theories, reservations and even disappointments over it. Like CJ wont touch NRO or missing persons case, or Musharraf and there are other theories that some superior powers and army is involved, and political parties have their own benefits associated but the bottom line is People, Civil Society, Masses, Lawyers and Political Parties stood for a cause and achieved it well and that’s very rare, so we all proved that Pakistan and Pakistani Rocks!! and time is changing, though a lot more needs to be done and a long long way to go but still now we have a beginning.

Perhaps I will write detailed views and analysis later and I wished I could also be part of this, but as a Pakistani still I feel very happy and proud. Long live Pakistan.

For more details read here and here.

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