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Anousheh Ansari calls Googleplex!

September 26, 2006 Leave a comment

Anousheh Ansari, first female space tourist is now in contact with Google’s Larry Page 😉 mentioned at Google’s Blog. Wow, what an adventurous ride she is having from earth to ISS (Internationl Space Station). This is called as one outstanding, extra-ordinary experience in one’s life but you have to pay the price (U.S $ 20 Million). But still this experience is worth more than the price. Have a look of her experience at her flickr photos and read details of her life time experience at her space blogs.


Pluto removed from Solar System !

August 28, 2006 5 comments

I am quite late now, initially I was composing this post on 14th August and the initial draft was like,

Science keep’s moving, that’s what came to my mind when I heard that our Solar System will most probably be reduced to 8 planets and Pluto will be removed from the list. It will be considered as a Dwarf Planet, when some other round heavenly bodies like 2003 UB313 (of same size of Pluto) and some others were discovered. However Pluto’s fate will finally be decided, when a new “scientific and simple” proposal to define the word “planet” will be released on this Wednesday and astronomers will vote on it next week by The International Astronomical Union (IAU). Details can be read at here.

But when I finally got the time to post this, we all have missed Pluto :D. Yes according to the latest development on planet definitions by International Astronomical Union, Pluto has been removed from the planet list and is recognized as “Swarm of Small Things” beyond Neptune. Details can be viewed at here and also at here.

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